Test coverage

Test coverage support is provided by third-party tools that wrap around nextest.


cargo-llvm-cov supports nextest. To generate llvm-cov data with nextest, run:

cargo install cargo-llvm-cov
cargo llvm-cov nextest

Using llvm-cov in GitHub Actions

Install Rust with the llvm-tools-preview component, nextest, and llvm-cov in GitHub Actions. Then, run cargo llvm-cov nextest.

- uses: dtolnay/rust-toolchain@stable
    components: llvm-tools-preview
- uses: taiki-e/install-action@cargo-llvm-cov
- uses: taiki-e/install-action@nextest

- name: Collect coverage data
  run: cargo llvm-cov nextest

See this in practice with nextest's own CI.

TODO: provide instructions for other report forms like HTML, and for reporting to an external code coverage service.

Integrating nextest into coverage tools

Most coverage tools work by setting a few environment variables such as RUSTFLAGS or RUSTC_WRAPPER. Nextest runs Cargo for the build, which will read those environment variables as usual. This means that it should generally be quite straightforward to integrate nextest into other coverage tools.

If you've integrated nextest into a coverage tool, feel free to submit a pull request with documentation.