Welcome to the home page for cargo-nextest, a next-generation test runner for Rust projects.


Quick start

Install cargo-nextest for your platform using the pre-built binaries.

Run all tests in a workspace:

cargo nextest run

For more detailed installation instructions, see Installation.

Note: Doctests are currently not supported because of limitations in stable Rust. For now, run doctests in a separate step with cargo test --doc.

Crates in this project

Cratecrates.iorustdoc (latest version)rustdoc (main)
cargo-nextest, the main test binarycargo-nextest on crates.ioDocumentation (latest release)Documentation (main)
nextest-runner, core nextest logicnextest-runner on crates.ioDocumentation (latest release)Documentation (main)
nextest-metadata, parsers for machine-readable outputnextest-metadata on crates.ioDocumentation (latest release)Documentation (main)
nextest-filtering, parser and evaluator for filter expressionsnextest-filtering on crates.ioDocumentation (latest release)Documentation (main)
quick-junit, JUnit XML serializerquick-junit on crates.ioDocumentation (latest release)Documentation (main)


The source code for nextest and this site are hosted on GitHub, at

Contributions are welcome! Please see the CONTRIBUTING file for how to help out.


The source code for nextest is licensed under the MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses.

This document is licensed under CC BY 4.0. This means that you are welcome to share, adapt or modify this material as long as you give appropriate credit.