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Libtest JSON output


Experimental: This feature is not yet stable

  • Enable with: Set NEXTEST_EXPERIMENTAL_LIBTEST_JSON=1 in the environment
  • Tracking issue: #1152

Nextest has experimental support for producing machine-readable output for test runs, in a format similar to cargo test's libtest JSON output.

The upstream libtest JSON format is currently unstable as of 2023-12. However, nextest's stabilization of the format is not gated on the upstream format being stabilized.

The implementation, and this documentation, is a work in progress.


Pass in the --message-format option:

NEXTEST_EXPERIMENTAL_LIBTEST_JSON=1 cargo nextest run --message-format <format>

The <format> can be any of:

Produce output similar to the unstable libtest JSON.
Produce libtest JSON output, along with an extra nextest field.

In addition, the version of the format can be specified via the --message-format-version <version> option. Supported values for <version> are:

The unstable libtest JSON format as of 2023-12.

Format specification


Stability policy

While this is an experimental feature: The format may be changed to fix issues or track upstream changes. Changes will be documented in the changelog.

After this format is stabilized in nextest: If the unstable libtest JSON format changes, this will be accompanied with a bump in the version number. For example, the next unstable format will be called 0.2. Once the libtest JSON format is stabilized, the corresponding format version in nextest will be 1 or 1.0.