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Updating nextest

Nextest includes a self-update feature that will fetch and write the latest version of the binary to your system.

Pre-built binaries

For pre-built binaries installed via cargo-binstall or a release URL, run:

cargo nextest self update

The nextest updater downloads and installs the latest version of the cargo-nextest binary from

To request a specific version, add --version <version> to the command. For example, to update to nextest 0.9.72, run:

cargo nextest self update --version 0.9.72

From source

Nextest can also be updated from source, by running:

cargo install cargo-nextest --locked

With distro packages

For versions of nextest packaged by a distributor, follow the instructions for the respective package manager.

Note for distributors

The cargo-nextest crate has a default-no-update feature which consists of all default features except for self-update. The recommended, forward-compatible way to build cargo-nextest is with --locked --no-default-features --features default-no-update.