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Machine-readable output

Nextest provides a number of ways to obtain output suitable for consumption by other tools or infrastructure.

Test and binary lists

For test lists, nextest provides JSON output. See Machine-readable test lists.

In addition, nextest can also provide a list of binaries without running them to obtain the list of tests. See Machine-readable binary lists for more information.

Test runs

For test runs, the main mechanism available is JUnit XML. For more information, see JUnit support.

Additionally, as an experimental feature, JSON libtest-like output is supported. This is primarily meant for compatibility with existing test infrastructure that consumes this output, and is not currently full-fidelity. For more information, see Libtest JSON output.

Future work

The overall aspiration is for all human-readable UI to also become machine-readable. Some features that are still missing:

  1. A first-class newline-delimited JSON format for test runs, not necessarily attempting to retain compatibility with libtest JSON. See #20.
  2. Detected configuration: both nextest-specific configuration, and configuration detected by emulating Cargo. See #1527.


If you'd like to see any of these happen, contributions would be greatly appreciated!