Updating nextest

Starting version 0.9.19, cargo-nextest has update functionality built-in. Simply run cargo nextest self update to check for and perform updates.

The nextest updater downloads and installs the latest version of the cargo-nextest binary from get.nexte.st.

To request a specific version, run (e.g.) cargo nextest self update --version 0.9.19.

For older versions

If you're on cargo-nextest 0.9.18 or below, update by redownloading and reinstalling the binary following the instructions at Pre-built binaries.

For distributors

cargo-nextest 0.9.21 and above has a new default-no-update feature, which will contain all default features except for self-update. The recommended, forward-compatible way to build cargo-nextest is with --no-default-features --features default-no-update.